Example datasets

Here is a summarized view of an electrophysiology dataset that follows the proposed organization.

Alternative text

Real examples of datasets that are organized following the BEP032 rules are available on this repository: https://gin.g-node.org/NeuralEnsemble/BEP032-examples

Available tools

  • Checks the validity of a dataset with respect to the BIDS-animal-ephys BEP specifications. The specifications that define what is checked by this function is available in the following document: https://bids.neuroimaging.io/bep032

  • Generates a BIDS-animal-ephys folder structure that follows the BEP03 specifications with a overview CSV files and optional metadata files as input. The provided framework requires project specific extension for production.

  • Generates a dummy BEP032 structure to be manually adjusted to a project.

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